Testing effort optimizations (manual and automations)

In our days, the demanding to reduce the time to market is becoming almost insane.With the always increasing complexity (risk) of the systems at the same time that we have shorter development cycles (time) with the advent of the agile methodologies, software testers are always under pressure to ensure more quality with less effort (cost). Is it possible?

Short answer: yes!

In most of the cases, yes, it is possible. However, the solution is rarely to reduce the testing effort. Instead, you should focus on how to optimize it (delivering more value with the same effort it’s also a way to reduce costs)! In this workshop, we will discuss the main points of waste in the testing activities and put in practice several techniques (and advices) to help on reducing the waste while optimizing the effort.

Maximum number of participants: 12
Preliminary requirements for participants: Windows based laptop.
Language: English

Joel Oliveira

Joel Oliveira

Started his professional career in 1998 as a researcher and since then, he already assumed different roles (from developer to tester, from technical and project manager to quality and engineering manager), managing and leading teams from 1 to 130 engineers in business areas so diverse as telecommunications, government and public sector, financial services, defense and security or aerospace.

In 2009, after a closer involvement with the software testing area, he founded the first online testing community in Portugal and one year later, the PSTQB – Portuguese Software Testing and Qualifications Board becoming a member of the ISTQB working groups in 2011.

As a passionate about software testing & quality assurance, dedicated to improve recognition/proficiency of the testing community and eager to share his experiences, you can find him giving talks and workshops about software testing (manual, exploratory, automation, mobile, performance, security), engineering processes (waterfall, agile, continuous improvement and CMMI) or career management (mainly but not only for testers).