Mob testing – practical exercises

What do you do when you take over an existing project and your boss wants you and your team to add some new functionality?Do you read existing documentation? Do you discuss with your companions what will you be testing? Do you writing tests?

Do you want to know what others do in this kind of situation? Come to the workshops where we will work in the style of ‘mob testing’. One computer, one keyboard, a whole group focused on solving a problem from everyday life together. See how others think and if there is synergy in the group. We invite kindly you.

The main take-aways:

  • You will get to know what ‘mob testing’ is all about,
  • You’ll learn to refactor your current tests,
  • You’ll see how others solve problems.

Maximum number of participants: 20
Preliminary requirements for participants: Basic programming skills.
Language: Polish

Daniel Dec

Daniel Dec

There is always something to learn, you never know everything – thanks to this approach we have been able to co-create IT projects and organizations for many years. He believes that it is better to be unpleasant to be inquisitive than to remain silent about uncomfortable ambiguities. He has participated in projects of various scales and technologies as a tester, leader, and also responsible for projects of several dozen people. He tries to be a technological agnosticist, believing that these are only tools. Fascinated with BDD/ATDD/XP/Lean. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to, among other things, test, automate tests, perform performance tests, manage a team, train and mentor, support teams and their clients, evaluate organizational and software development processes, and build a satellite. As a co-initiator, he co-founded the Quality Excites conference and founded the local Quality Meetup testing community. Speaker and trainer at many conferences.

His personal mission is to bring programmers, testers and business closer to IT teams, believing that communication and wasting the potential of learning from each other is a bottleneck in IT projects. He is aware of the risk that the best ideas invented by wise people may not be implemented 100%, but he believes that it is worth pursuing some of them.

Outside of work, temporarily a beer gourmet, more than its producer, a percussionist amateur, whose band hung up temporarily, runs with the ball trying to build a house, try to put to sleep a little menace.

Tomasz Wierzchowski

Daniel Dec

I am an engineer with many years of testing experience. In my daily work I try to help teams solve problems connected with software development, especially its quality.

For many years I have been a speaker at national conferences on software quality. Despite the ambivalent attitude towards ISTQB certification, I am a certified ISTQB CTAL tester – Test Manager.

Outside of work, I run marathons with passion and spend time on mountain hikes.