Insights Into Distributed Development

Distributed development is becoming the new normal. The continual improvement on collaboration tools allows for organisations to find the right person for the job as much as employees to find the right career opportunity with a lot less focus on location.

Dependencies among delivery team members in different locations usually means that no one location has complete control over product quality. This leads to significant challenges around not only time and cultural differences but also in integration and delivery accountability.

In this workshop, we will examine the obstacles faced by both onshore and offshore teams.

Through a fast paced hands-on simulation, this workshop will generate ideas for how to improve communication, empathy and in turn productivity and satisfaction.

This workshop comes from EuroSTAR conference thanks to Abigail Bangser.

Maximum number of participants: 20
Preliminary requirements for participants: Advanced level. Preferably (but not mandatory) experienced in working in distributed teams.
Language: English

Marta Firlej

Marta Firlej

Started her journey with software testing in 2006. She is engaged in quality assurance and competence development. She had the opportunity to not only build and develop testing teams, but also work with customers to create, develop, and design software. The initiator of Testing Conference Test:Fest in Wroclaw. Member of the committee of judges in Polish TesingCup Chapionships in 2013 and 2014. Besides working, she is traveling, cooking, and cycling.

Mateusz Holewski

Mateusz Holewski

Business Analyst who had worked before in both IT services and Software Development.

Areas of expertise include ERP systems, IT for financial institutions, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery and IT Security

In his free time he loves to talk about food and traveling. He is helps with organizing mass events and conferences like World Tap Dance Championships or a QA conference in Wroclaw, Poland – test:fest