Intel® Movidius Deep Learning workshop (6h)

We live in a world of new technologies, constant development and increasingly advanced artificial intelligence… And if we would take the matters into our own hands?

I invite you to the first workshop, which will show you how to work with deep learning and how to use it to create practical solutions. During the classes you will learn about Intel Movidius Neural Compute Stick properties: APIs, demos and scripts. In addition, you will discover and test the capabilities of this device, which is used for advanced development of drones, cameras and other devices, to include Deep Learning aspects such as object classification detection. If neural networks are new to you, join the meeting and discover their power!

This original classes were prepared especially for the Testwarez 2018 conference.

Workshop plan:

  1. Introduction to deep learning,
  2. Preparation of the Movidius Compute Stick environment and first tests,
  3. Profiling the performance of neural networks (speed, quality of image qualification),
  4. Exploratory testing, scenario building and evaluation of solutions.

Maximum number of participants: 28
Preliminary requirements for participants: Intermediate programming skills.
Language: Polish

Michał Chruściński

Michał Chruściński

Test Engineer at Intel – works for Artificial Intelligence Products Group to profile the performance of neural networks.

Michał Łukaszewski

Michał Łukaszewski
Test Engineer at Intel – works for Artificial Intelligence Products Group as a benchmarking team leader for products dedicated to neural networks