Learning from mistakes – root cause analysis in practice

Are there areas in your application where errors occur every now and then? Do you have the impression that you have seen a similar bug before? What if every incident could be an opportunity to learn and improve your process? Are you interested how to learn from your mistakes and continuously improve your team?

The Agile methodology highlights the role of retrospectives in the team development process. They allow the team to draw conclusions from previous iterations, find weaknesses and areas necessary to improve stability.

However, what happens when an error occurs in a product?

Often, the team limits itself to correcting it and writing further tests. But this will not prevent a similar error from occurring in the future and, if it does occur, we will be able to identify and correct it more easily. Sources can be discovered by using Root Cause Analysis. This methodology can be used by quality teams in the same way as retrospectives in development teams.

During this workshop you will learn:

  • techniques of building the context of the incident,
  • why it is worth to create a time axis for an incident,
  • how to identify the key factors influencing the incident,
  • about root cause finding techniques,
  • how to define good preventive actions,
  • what are the benefits of root cause analysis,
  • what information can we obtain from the analysis

Maximum number of participants: 20
Preliminary requirements for participants: No knowledge is required, only reading with understanding.
Language: Polish

Katarzyna Balcerzak

Kasia Balcerzak

Trained archaeologist who specializes in discovering history of applications. Always willing to learn and discover secrets of legacy products. Kasia is currently a Quality Engineer at Spartez, where she assists Atlassian developers making the right products right.

Wherever Kasia can get involved in quality and testing you will see her there. Always looking to learn something new everyday. Improves to help others as speaker and trainer.

Bartosz Szulc

Bartosz Szulc

Tester at heart. One could say, born to test. Keeping hands dirty with test automation and scripting since started professional career. Designing strategies, delivering frameworks and environments for testing web and mobile applications.

Actively involved in local testing communities. Presenting on most popular testing conferences in Poland.  Since he joined Spartez helping developers become better testers.

In love with big data statistical analysis. In pursuit of quantifying quality in Software Development.