The greatest value for a self-development-oriented manager is the awareness of his own mistakes. On the other hand, the manager is not a solo (neither Hans Solo nor a soloist), in a broad philharmonic of IT projects, he is not a cog in the quality assurance machine, he is, or rather should be the driving force not only of the QA team, the project, but of the whole Organization, in achieving jointly set business goals, with a head full of ideas, advice, solving interpersonal conflicts along the way. Much? Yes, certainly. Yes, for sure. However, the thoughtful structure of the Organization arranges the scope of managers’ activities so that they are not “people for everything” and are leaders in their own specialization, overlapping ranges, constantly cooperating with each other in pursuit of their goals. Understanding the scope of one’s own responsibility and the need for cooperation, inspiration, listening to the team is half the success.

The second half of the manager’s success is not to make one’s own and someone else’s mistakes and I will touch on this topic in my speech. I will present the biggest sins of managers, according to my opinion and information collected by me. These will not be trivial lists of errors such as lack of proper communication, inability to build teams, or inability to make decisions or delegate tasks, because we all know about them. We know them, we struggle with them, but how to translate them into your workshop and how to bite them when they chase deadlines and we are in the very eye of the project cyclone?

Discovering places where knowledge and managerial skills lingers, although it gives a new space for development. But how to reach it and find the humbleness to work on it?
I would like to invite you to my speech.



QA Manager, for several years associated with the IT industry and the area of quality assurance. Certified Software Tester and Test Manager. She started her professional career at a technical university, where her diploma theses and scientific research concerned the testing of software.

She passed the Tester’s career ladder patiently and one by one, from student internships, through a tester, test analyst, automation engineer, consultant, auditor, the leader a test team, a project coordinator, to finally build a testing team consisting of QA specialists. Testing software is not only her everyday work, but above all a passion for life, which he eagerly shares with others. For the needs of her own projects and the team, he conducts creative teamwork workshops, correlates business and project needs with employees’ personal development goals, supports development of soft skills, where tasks themselves become a challenge and a factor.

In addition to professional work, she actively supports local and student organisations by promoting knowledge and good practices in the field of software testing. One of the organizers of the local initiative WarszawQA (

Privately, mom who runs, rides a bike and wants to learn quickly and technically swim.