Rice in the eye – will Chinese work ethics affect IoT?

While China is more and more dynamically and proudly dominating the global technology scene, understanding and good cooperation with Asian companies is becoming more and more important. The IoT industry is experiencing a Chinese renaissance, and with it the Chinese dominance is developing. Therefore, we will try to answer the questions of what the specific Chinese mentality and work ethics are and what consequences this may have. I invite you to confront the Asian school of morality with the fastest growing technological branch – the Internet of Things.

Marcin Sikorski

Marcin Sikorski

Huge fan of the Internet of Things, 4.0 companies and embedded systems, who professionally and ruthlessly verifies the quality of SMART products of global brands.

He has a Master’s degree in econometrics, has abandoned his promising career as a stock market analyst in favour of testing and improving quality.

He has been working as an IoT tester for 5 years now as Senior Test Engineer at Tieto.
Holder of certificates: Certified ISTQB Basic Level Tester, Test Analyst – Certified ISTQB Advanced Level Tester, HSK II – Chinese Proficiency.

Speaker known for his non-standard and dynamic speeches – a sample of his abilities was presented at TestFest (http://testfest.pl/speaker/marcin-sikorski/ ), Quality3D (https://www.facebook.com/SjsiOrg/videos/1830550396965853/), seeTest (https://seetest.org/index.php?page=conference-program ), Test Camp and numerous meetings, among which were – Girls Who Test, Meet4Talk, 25th Level Code.

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After hours he is passionate about optimization, Chinese culture, climbing and traveling.
On a daily basis he runs a blog: test-engineer.pl