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• Improving User Experience / Usability Testing in Global Standards with interactive and practical methods.
• Latest Usability test techniques, methodologies in the courses with sample applications that provide you the opportunity to gain skills and practical information.

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• Testers, Usability Experts, Business Analysts, SystemAnalysts, Programmers, Web Designers, Project Managers, Enterprise Architecture Specialists, Software Architects

Plan szkolenia

Wprowadzenie do UX, Użyteczności i Testowania UX

• What is User Experience and Usability?
• What is Usability Testing? When to do the Usability Testing?
• Formative Usability Testing
• Summative Usability Testing

Raportiowanie Testów and Środowisko testowe

• Test Reporting
• Analysis and Prioritization of Test Results
• Quantitative Analysis vs. Qualitative Analysis
• In the Lab vs. In the Wild Testing
• Eye Tracking, EEG Monitoring, Click Maps,
• Moderated Tests
• Tests without Moderation
• Remote Testing
• Accessibility Testing
• UX Testing Tools
• UX Testing Standards (ISO 9241 Ergonomics of Human-Computer
Interaction, ISO 9126 Software Quality Characteristics, W3C
Accessibility Guideline etc.)

Testownie UX: metody i techniki

• Heuristic Inspection (Expert Review)
• User Observation
• User Experience Testing Checklist
• Identifying Users, User Profiling, Persona Identification
• Choosing the Right (Number) Users, Defining Mental Models
• 5 Second Tests, 1st Click Tests, A/B Testing, Path Testing
• Test Task Preparation, User Task Analysis
• User Observation Scenarios, Use Cases
• Exploratory Tasks, Directed Tasks

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Barış Sarıalioğlu

Barış Sarıalioğlu

• IT professional with 15+ years of experience as IT Consultant, Software Engineer, Software Developer and Software Tester for many different organizations.

• Highly experienced in Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Software Project Management, Business Analysis, Strategy Analysis, Requirements Analysis, DevOps, Agile Methodologies, Usability, User Experience (UX), Customer Experience (CX), Service Design, Quality Assurance and Software Testing.

• Has diverse experience spanning several industries including; telecommunications, banking and finance, defense, aviation, and semiconductor manufacturing. Has been involved in several challenging projects and had the chance to work in several different countries, including Turkey, the United States, Russia, Germany, China, The Netherlands, Azerbaijan and Greece.

• Published a number of papers and books within the Software Engineering profession and contribute to the field by regularly attending conferences as a public speaker. Has spoken at more than 50 international conferences in more than 20 countries.