Linux Distribution Automated Testing currently list over 300 publicly available Linux distributions. Volunteers make most of them. How it’s possible that they don’t explode into our faces on a regular basis? I will show the different aspects of Linux distribution testing with stress on automation of the whole process.

Some of the topics that I would like to speak about:

  • Upstream tests, patching and problems.
  • Packages testing.
  • System images testing.
  • Cloud images testing.
  • How to test your rebuild with oracle

Aleksander Baranowski

Aleksander Baranowski

I’m am whom I am because Avengers didn’t respond to the application even though half of the positions are open!
I was born as a lazy dog in other words – I was born to automate. Some of the papers that I get through my life includes (sorted from most valuable to least): Red Hat Certified Engineer && JBoss Administrator, ISTQB Test Automation Engineer && ISTQB Foundation, Fifth place in “The Best Child of my Parents Competition” (TBCPC), and Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Jagiellonian University.
In my “I work because I need to eat” time I’m doing Dev and Ops stuff. Most of them involve CI/CD solutions, infrastructure as the code, and automating as much as possible.

In my presentation, I will address the problem of QA for the whole Linux distribution with stress on test automation.