Let’s talk about Turkus. Facts and myths.

Being based only on the procedural, product or design excellence doesn’t have to give the competitive edge nowadays. Looking only at income, profits, costs and different indicators (CSF, KPI, other) isn’t already sufficient for being a success. It can not give us additional motivation for action, for becoming involved. For us, I mean for people as Employees Customers, Observers…

Today, there is a time for better and comprehensive using the potential which is in us. Time for looking from a perspective of the Value which we want to give Customer, Environment, ourselves… Time for looking from a human being perspective and the possibilities of full exploitation his capabilities. Managing and deciding is a too serious theme so that only units deal with it. World at the moment is already enough compound, that without the collectivity, common, valuable and evolutionary purpose and wholeness in ourselves we won’t achieve what we could reach together.

The road to the next level of the game is standing exactly before us. Time on… Teal Organizations.

  • But what’s going on? Brief outline of the history.
  • Teal and his pillars. What it is, and what it isn’t.
  • Teal is not such pink how it seems – > What works? What doesn’t work? What challenges are here?
  • Road to Teal Organizations – > Conclusions and recommendations.

Andrzej Woroszyło

Andrzej Woroszyło

“Professional “Facilitator” -> “Change Agent”, “Supporter”, “Storekeeper”.

  • Combination of leader, moderator, facilitator. – Focused on “Leadership By Values” rather than “Management By Objectives”.
  • He deals with introducing changes in organizations and not only.
  • He provides direct and indirect support for people, teams and entire organisations.
  • At the same time, he is a positive challenge for potential superiors and management;-).
  • More information at LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrzej-woroszylo-92199a/).

My passion is to work with people and for people by creating effective, self-organising teams. I work at the level of organization (strategy, structure, responsibility, processes, projects) as well as people (individually and in teams). It is important to define together what we have (what we are based on) and what we want to achieve, then define the path we will follow and monitor it together. “If you think you can’t change something, change your way of thinking:-)”. Currently responsible for the operational activities of the Software Development Division at APATOR Elkomtech.