Hacker’s approach to productivity and career development

Having had worked in the IT industry for over 11 years, as a software developer, sysadmin, QA tester, security tester, network administrator, security architect, head of security and C-level executives advisor, I’ve been exposed to some seriously successful and fulfilled people. Starting from the very bottom definitely provides you with invaluable perspective and allows you to observe situations from various angles, including watching yourself at different stages of your career development.
We’ve got fantastic coverage of technical resources that can make you great at what you already do, but we lack quality leadership content showing you how and where to go from where you are, and how to navigate through so many available paths.

Because of that scarcity in leadership content, many people waste precious years of their lives, not utilizing their potential to the fullest. Even worse than that – they don’t realize their true potential. I want to help you build a foundation for future growth and career development. Don’t slow down your growth, by choosing a hard and slow path which most people decide to choose. Many available mentors and senior professionals often romanticize the path they had to follow to be where they are today, and they forget that times have changed. It’s not reasonable to allow the past to put artificial boundaries on you, because if you have the right mindset and if you’re resourceful , you can achieve your goals much faster.

As an optimization freak, I’ve focused on learning everything I could from the giants and found practical patterns that almost anyone can apply to in their lives.
How to be more productive? How to differentiate between effective and efficient? How to find the best job for your personality? And finally – what does it really take to be called a Leader or a Senior Professional.

Dawid Bałut

Dawid Bałut

Ex-(programmer, sysadmin, network admin, devops engineer), devoted the last 5 years of his life to work as a security architect in the Silicon Valley corporation. Currently, he is trying to transfer the knowledge gained in his more than 11 years of career to the Polish business and IT community.
For over half a year he has been associated with TestArmy Group and testuj.pl, successively as Head of Security & InfoSec Instructor, where he builds an elite security team and shares his knowledge with everyone who wants to listen.
In addition to his fascination with security, he is interested in growth hacking and lifehacking. Moreover, he is a huge fan of optimizing everything that surrounds him 🙂
Author of the book “Social Skills for Information Security Professionals: A Handbook for Those Who Strive To Lead And Manage Effectively”.