Decoding the quality in DevOps culture

Up to 2017 Puppet State of DevOps report, the quality comes from many factors, not only the technical ones, but also cultural, product and process. I would like to share the key findings I learn from reports and experience – on quality transformation founded by leadership, trust and agile practices implementation.

Some of issues to cover in discussion:

  1. What defines the DevOps culture?
  2. What quality factors REALLY matter on daily basis?
  3. How to assure the quality in DevOps culture environment?
  4. What metrics can be helpful in measuring performance?
  5. What types of tools supports the quality transformation?

Aleksandra Kornecka

Aleksandra Kornecka

Software Quality Assurance Engineer and tester with nearly 5 years in IT industry (e-commerce, digital, apps). In love with mobile testing, but also fluent with web. Honoured to be ISTQB-certified and passionate about TestOps approach, requirements analysis, user experience and information architecture and, of course, cognitive science – I hold the Master of Science diploma in CogSci. Holding conferences experience – as the speaker and organiser – e.g. SQA Days in Petersburg, testfest in Poland, Geek Girls Carrots lecturer.I’m proud to be the inventor and leader of Girls Who Test group ( that organises in Poland workshops, discussion panels and lectures on current testing topics. Honoured to be a member of Polish Software Testing Board (SJSI) who cares about ISTQB accreditation and quality community in Poland.